One of the most beautiful open-air thermal baths in Austria needed a new draw a new plan from a bird’s eye view for various types of printing and plaques on site.

Of course we agreed :) A nice project and in general a nice place to go. THX to Nina Ullrich who invited us to draw this illustation.

We did on-site inspections and photographed everything, then researched all the proportions using google maps 3d and started to draw the plan. The requirement was only to use three shades of blue and one shade of beige. The symbols for certain points also had to be developed and numbering embedded.


Illustrator: Peter Schönhardt



We were asked by Stadt Wien Marketing to develop a bird’s-eye view plan for the 2022 ice dream.

We determined the building dimensions and proportions using Google Maps 3D and found out the rest using the architects‘ plans. This plan will be updated every year from now on.

  • Client: Stadt Wien Marketing
  • Illustration: Peter Schönhardt



Dentsu Isobar Inc. is an interactive agency based in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 2001.

We were asked to develop 5 murals for the new office in Vienna. Below that we have developed 4 images for various keywords that were previously determined with the employees on site. We took all the keywords and

processed them into a hidden object picture, so that all employees could identify with the pictures and take part in it. In addition, we have placed a Vienna map with all the employees‘ favorite hotspots in front of the boss’s office.


  • Illustrators: Tobias Held & Peter Schönhardt

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