PESC – Artifical Intelligence // Machine Learning

„AI research from 2022, yes in the meantime has seen such rapid progress in machine learning that we will only publish new insights by the end of 2023.“


We approach machine learning and AI with a balance of curiosity and caution. While we are open to exploring the possibilities of these advanced tools, we also recognize the importance of considering the broader discourse surrounding their use in the industry. We understand that while machine learning can enhance and augment our designs, it cannot replace human talent and understanding of context and meaning.

In our work, we have utilized machine learning to control textures, materials, and lighting in our compositions, using black and white line drawings as the basis. But we always consider the human touch and understanding of context and meaning to be essential in the final outcome.

We believe that it’s important to use technology as a tool to enhance our creativity, but not to replace it. We continue to question and explore the relevance of these methods in our work, always striving to push the boundaries of art and design.